Sibling Assignment 2015.11: Smoking, Fights and Grade School Memories #3Siblings

This week I gave the following assignment:

Think back to something that happened when you were a student at Sunnyside Elementary, and why you think that incident has stuck in your memory after all of these years.

Christy's will be here when she posts her assignment, and Bill will have his posted here.

All three of us attended Sunnyside Elementary for grade school.  I attended first through sixth grade there. 

I was actually talking about this particular memory with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and what an impact it made on, not only me, but our whole class at the time.

  Here is a photograph from when it was my grade school.

The incident I remember begins in fifth grade.  Toward the end of the fifth grade year, some fifth and sixth And grade students started going to the back of the playground, by the baseball backstop, and smoking cigarettes during recess.

Someone told on them, and it was rumored that it was my group of friends.

The accusers stuck up for the kids smoking, and my group of friends denied telling.  (To this day, we maintain our innocence in telling.  I'm not sure how the principal found out.  Maybe one day he looked across the playground and saw smoke billowing out of the group of students standing in a group by the baseball backstop.  I don't know!)

So a divide was made.  I remember a girl from my group of friends got in a fist fight with a girl from the "other" group.  Tensions were high, as least that is the way it seemed to my fifth grade memory.

When we returned to school the following fall, in sixth grade, more students joined us from Elk Creek School, but the lines between the two group remained the same.  We got a long better in sixth grade, but it was interesting how, as we grew older, the two groups remained separate, even on through junior high and high school.

I am not sure if the cigarette smoking had anything to do with it.  These lines may have been drawn anyway.  But I often look back at that time, and that incident, and thought it was interesting how that effected our friendships from that point on into junior high, high school, and beyond.

I think I remember this, because it created such a dynamic in our class at the time.  I think even the class above us was affected as well.

If any of you reading this were in school with me at Sunnyside during fifth or sixth grade, and remember this any differently let me know.  I would be curious to know how others looked at this incident.  One friend of mine remembers it the same way I did.  Another friend has no memory of it whatsoever.  So leave me a comment if you remember anything.

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