I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

The third sibling assignment from IEG this month is this one:

What movie most connects you to Christmas and why?

One of the movies that connects me to Christmas is "White Christmas".  I think this is because it was one of those movies we always tried to watch every year growing up, and it reminds me of family Christmas memories.  In fact, our family is going to sit down and watch it this afternoon once the girls return performing in their Christmas concert.

There is something magical about this movie, plus it is full of music, performing, show business and Irving Berlin music.  I love every aspect of this show.

I also love that they come together for the "old man" and put on a show for him, and all those men come back to help out on Christmas Eve.

I love singing along to the song "Sisters".

I love watching them rehearse all the numbers for the big variety show.

And I love how the snow starts falling at the end.

And other people must feel the same way, because this has certainly been a classic movie since it came out, and loved by many.

So, time to sing along with Bing, Danny, Rosemary and Vera-Ellen as soon we begin "White Christmas".

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Cedar Street Kid said...

Ah, Bing still chills me with White Christmas and Silent Night.