What Makes Me Cry?

I just filled out one of those "About Me" surveys on Facebook, and one of the questions asked was "When is the last time you cried?" Well, I did get a little teary-eyed and full of pride watching Kiki Aru and her basketball team play their hearts out on Saturday.

But there are certain things I can watch over and over again on TV, and they make me cry.

Like yesterday. I got home, and I wanted to veg out a bit before I headed back to KMS for a meeting and then the Tostado Feed. The last two final episodes of "Gilmore Girls" were in the DVD player, so I watched them.

The tears first started coming when Rory graduated from Yale. Then they came when Luke threw the surprise party for Rory and Loralie. Then they came when Luke and Loralie kissed. Z2 got home, and I'm a blubbering mess on the couch, all red-eyed and smiling, with her rolling her eyes at me, because she knows full well I've seen this a few times already. But, hey, when tears come, tears come.

It happened a month or two ago, while watching an old "West Wing" episode. The Bartlett administration was having a rocky go of it, and Jed Bartlett and Leo, his Chief of Staff, started going at it. Then Leo wrote "Let Bartlett Bartlett" on a pad of paper, and I started crying. Again, I have seen this episode numerous times, and I just came in on the last five minutes of the episode, and it still got me.

But I like having my emotions pulled by a good movie, or a good television show, or a good book. It means it has touched me in some way, and the characters have become real. And that is a good thing.

All in all, I think we like happy endings. We don't like getting invested in a character, and then have them killed off. We like things to turn out. PKR and I were having a conversation with some friends who had come to dinner on Sunday.. PKR shared about having his students write short stories, and if he left it to them with no boundaries, all the stories would be very bloody, and gory, and the bad person would kill of the good person in the end. He would have to explain to the students that a publisher would not want to publish that story, because no one would want to read it.

We still like happy endings. We still like things to turn out. We like our heroes to be heroes, and our villains to be villains. We talked about the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight", and how we didn't really like this Batman being more of an "anti-hero" than an honest to goodness hero. But The Joker was definitely the villain...and what an amazing performance by Heath Ledger. The movie was okay, but that performance was brilliant.

The nice thing is, if I ever need a good cry, and know what to pop into the DVD player...it works every time!!

If you feel like it, share with me the books, movies or television shows that make you cry...I could always add some to the shelf.


inlandempiregirl said...

That is always easy for me!
Books: The Poisonwood Bible, The Best Day, The Worst Day, Sophie's Choice.
Movies: The Devil's Arithmetic when I watch it with my class, Hoosiers,The Way We Were.
Television:certain Olympic events,final episode on Mary Tyler Moore Show,many episodes on thirtysomething and St. Elsewhere.

Nita Jo said...

Gilmore Girls (I cry during a lot of these & laugh hysterically too), West Wing (same episode... plus the one where they say goodbye to Leo), Little Women, Old Yeller, Fiddler on the Roof, the poem "Beau" by Jimmy Stewart... I cried tonight during American Idol when Danny Gokey got voted to be part of the "12"... then he sang "Heroe"... booodyhoohoo. I was a wreck. I guess I cry a lot! Sometimes sad tears and sometimes happy!

Silver Valley Girl said...

IEG--Now The Poisonwood Bible didn't make me cry, I think I just couldn't believe that father!! Love the last MTM episode, and would probably cry again. And the last MASH, too.

Nita Jo--I'm not sure I have ever watched Old Yeller, if you can believe it. I love Fiddler on the Roof, but I can't remember if it made me cry or not. Love Little Women as well.

Thanks for sharing you guys!!