Way to Go Wildcats!!!

Kiki Aru's 7th grade girl's basketball team played in the Mullan Tournament on Saturday, and their team came away the champions of the tournament.

During their first game, they easily beat the Kootenai Warriors.

Then came Game Two. This game was really good, and really intense. The Wildcats played the Lakeside Lancers, and it was good for the girls to finally have a bit of competition. This Lakeside team plays a fast-break, up and down the court kind of game that took our girls a bit getting used to. The score was close the whole game, and they ended up tied at the end. After a three minute overtime, the Wildcats were victorious. I even got a little teary-eyed at times, as I watched these girls play their hearts out for a victory.

For the championship game, they played the Mullan Tigers, and easily beat this good little team.

It was a fun day of watching 7th grade girls and boys basketball. The 7th grade boys were second place winners the tournament, with their final game against the St. Maries Lumberjacks.

The Mullan School District does a great job with these basketball tournaments, and they run a very smooth and well organized event.

Great job, Wildcats!!!


inlandempiregirl said...

Pass on congrats to Kiki Aru...and am I seeing the beginning of a sports fan here? Tears at a game? First the Wildcats...next is will be the Zags. It is all a matter of time. lol

Go Figure said...

Congratulations...to all! First thing I thought about was PKR, K?R, and the District Champions KHS Wildcats..circa 1976? HA!