Cool Things We've Taught Our Kids

While having conversations with my daughters over the summer, I enjoy discovering things they have learned along the way that PKR and I haven't intentionally sat down and wanted to teach them, but they have learned anyway. Here are a few of those discoveries.

* The Princess shared with the girls in her cabin at church camp that the people she knew that were the most in love were her parents. She said she had never seen us fight, either. Then she a bit taken back when her counselor said that we probably fight behind closed doors. I hate to break it to the counselor, but no, we don't fight, behind closed doors or otherwise. Sure, we disagree, and I can give the silent treatment for a while, but we really don't have fights.

* Z2's friends are amazed at some of the cultural things she knows. They couldn't believe she knew the words to the song "Consider Yourself" from the musical "Oliver". Or that she loves to listen to and watch musicals, for that matter. I was also proud that she was one of the only people in her choir class of over 50 kids who knew what the term "give me some skin" meant.

* Today, Kiki Aru's Language Arts teachers was telling me how much she enjoyed having Kiki in class, and how she is understanding some of the more subtle things from the text of "Tom Sawyer". Of my three girls, Kiki is the one who reads the least, and I told her she needs to start reading some good books. I'm so glad they are reading "Tom Sawyer", and that she is enjoying the book.

Loving parents, musical lyrics and literature...to some it may seem trivial, but I think it is pretty cool.

But then, we have three pretty cool daughters.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Hey.... no mention of certain song they heard the lyrics from us dating back to 1971? Now that is cultural and really cool too!

Silver Valley Girl said...

Okay, I think that would be under Cool things my kids learned from their Aunt, like the song 'One Toke Over The Line". Oh, now Cool Things They Learned From Their Aunt" could be a whole other blog post entirely.