The Princess Begins College

Yesterday the family moved The Princess into her dorm room at North Idaho College, about 40 miles away in Coeur d'Alene. With the anticipation of this event, I posed this sibling assignment:
Here she is, opening the door to her dorm room.

ce The Princess will be moving into her dorm room at NIC on Sunday, August 24th, let's post some advice, memories, information that could help her as she begins her first semester of college."

You will find Inland Empire Girl's top ten list here and Raymond Pert's advice on flipping things around here.

Princess, here are some random thoughts and advice from your mother. I hope they help!!
Mom is feeling mixed emotions...is she sad...excited....oh, I think a bit of both!!

Don’t wait for the action to come to you…you need to plan fun things and invite people to come with you.

Balance things. Meet people, have fun. But remember why you are there…to study and learn.

Try new experiences. Here is The Princess eating her first meal in her room.

Don’t ever not ask a question because you think it will make you look stupid. So what? There are probably other people who want to know the same answer.

There is more to life than watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on your computer.Her sisters are going to miss her....goodbye Princess!!!

Be organized and plan ahead a bit. Then you won’t be frantic because you can’t find something, and you will be on time for things.

Figure out ways to do things for others…everyone is a little nervous…how can you help encourage others to make their time a little easier?

Take advantage of tutoring. It really can help you.

Don’t do assignments the night before or the last minute. Take your time to do it right.

Don’t sell yourself short. You know what your strengths are, and you’ll probably discover even more. You can do more than you can imagine or think.Okay, I'm moved in...now what do I do?

Attend classes. You can always nap later.

Read your Bible every day. God’s word will strengthen you. And it will give you the wisdom you need to help others.

Open and up and let people get to know you. You are a beautiful person, and you have a lot to share and a lot of ways to help others.

It is okay to make mistakes. It doesn’t make you a failure. It is how you handle the mistakes that shows your true character.
Yikes, am I really ready to start classes tomorrow?

Take advantage of being at a college, and a town with a beautiful beach, good restaurants, and shopping.

Don’t stay in your room. Go to the SUB. Go to the beach. Get out and experience life!!

Start a journal. Write about your triumphs and tragedies. It is fun to look back on your experiences during college and see how you have grown.

Take risks.

Eat three meals a day!!
Goodbye Daddy....your Princess is going to be all right....I THINK!!!

Know that, no matter what happens, we love you.


Phil said...

Great advice!

I remember how scared and nervous I was when I first went away to college. It was a rough couple of weeks until I finally settled in.

We didn't make it on Sunday to the melodrama... Too many crises around here. Next year, I hope you'll be doing it again!

the princess molly said...

Well one peice of advice should be never to make those faces again
Today was good, classes were good, and I bought the books and hung out with amber and zach and nathan, which was actually really fun. my phone doesn't have any minutes though :@
I bought some stuff I needed for class
and I havn't watched buffy once :@

Nita Jo said...
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Nita Jo said...

First of all, what a great post! Love the advice and I love the pictures even more! Secondly, I made a booboo in my prior post, so I deleted it.

Glad classes were good today! Have a grand time at college! You are in my prayers.

Love and Blessings!
Nita Jo

Silver Valley Girl said...

Phil, sorry you didn't make it. In November we will be in Godspell. Maybe you can come over for that.

Molly, glad your day went well. Do you have phone minutes yet?

Nita Jo, thanks for the nice comment, and keep up the great job on your blog. It is so great, even though I fail to tell you that enough!!

princess said...

No mother i do not have phone minutes yet

Go Figure said...

Tell the Princess to STAY away from my SON Matt who has transferred to NIC because of the back injury he sustained early this year! He is a very fragile young man...HA! He won't be around much because he is taking hefty 12 credits this fall...he says that his therapy requires him to spend a lot of time in the fresh and cool mountain air since he can't play football at Whitworth...It's true he can't play football because of his back...but the fresh mountain air? I wonder if he is pulling my chain. I do know he as 'forced' me to go out with him for 3 nights and 4 days this weekend. HA...going to be a story (or two) about this trip I am sure.
Good luck to your Princess at NIC!

Go Figure said...

Oh, P.S. (whatever that means-maybe it is B.S.) ask RP to ring me up. Call the office and leave a message if I miss him. If I am back from the mountains, and not on my death bed (semi serious) I would like to shoot the breeze. Maybe that is all I will shoot this weekend. HA!

MarmiteToasty said...

Damp eyes reading this...... the pride and love you have for your woman/child just oozes off the page....

Great advise to...