Welcome To My Garden

This sign welcomes visitors to my lovely garden in my backyard. We have been busy this summer transforming once grass-filled areas into beautiful spots where vegetables, flowers, berries and herbs now grow. Come, join me, and I'll give you a tour.

The hot weather this past week really gave a jump start to the zucchini plants. There is also some radishes growing, and other surprises.

As I told you earlier, PKR transformed the boards from our old deck into beautiful rasied beds to grow vegetables. The tomatoes are looking good. I can't wait until they are rip and red and ready to eat.

Peas and string beans are growing in this box.

This salad bowl box is full of spinach, arugula, mescalin, leaf lettuce and Swiss Chard. There are also some gourd vines growing in there as well.

This fifth box was built after the spring planting, and will be prepared to grow good things next year.
A peony is waiting to bloom.

There are quite a few buds ready to burst forth. These flowers are not only beautiful, but very fragrant.

This is one of the new areas we cleaned up, transplanted flowers to, and added rocks and bark.

The lilies were transplanted from another area, and have already started to bloom.Sadie used to like to come eat all the grass in this flower bed. It is a little harder finding grass now that we have transformed this area.
I can't wait for the raspberries to start producing.
We inherited this baby bed spring with the flower bed when we moved here. These sweet pea flowers come up every year. They were purchased in Ireland, and planted here by my friend CC, the former owner of this house.

We had a lot of fun with this area..................

This is our wagon wheel herb garden we just finished planting.

The bricks came from the chimney of our former house. Each pie shape has different types of herbs in it, such as chives.

Most herbs have a specific meaning, and I'm going to share those meanings with you.

Chives means usefulness.
This section has different kinds of basil.

Basil means best wishes and friendship.

This section has lemon balm and lemon thyme. I hope to add more lemony flavors soon.

Lemon balm means sympathy and regeneration.
Here is an overview of the whole garden.

Lavender, one of my most favorite flowers, is the centerpiece of this garden.

Lavender means silence, recognition and acceptance of love.
The old kitchen sink also found a prominent place in our garden, and is filled with lots of color.

We moved this toilet out of the garage, and filled it with lots of color as well, using cosmos, zinnias and other pretty flowers to make it a useful planter.

This is the remains of the catnip I planted. It was a big, full, beautiful plant when I put it in the ground. It didn't last long with five "trippin'" cats living with us.

Here is marjoram and oregano.

Marjoram means sweet joy and happiness.

Here are two different kinds of sage.

Sage means Wisdom and long life.

Here is a summer savory plant, and some French tarragon.

Savory means Interest, and French Tarragon means lasting involvement.

Thyme fills this area.

Thyme means daring.

This pot holds spearmint. Mint is very invasive, so I plan to use pots placed in this area to grow mint.

Mint means wisdom.

I want to purchase some other varieties of mint to add to this area.

I have a few other herbs I would like to add, such as parsley, cilantro and rosemary. Hopefully I'll find some to add soon.

Here is another view of the flowerbed.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow! You two have been busy. It is absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to see it next week-end. I really love the herb garden with the bricks.

raymond pert said...

Send me a picture or a few pictures of what things look like where the deck used to be....what you gonna do about it? Just wonderin'...........

Nita Jo said...

Oh, how beautiful! You've done so much since I was last there (was it two years ago... time flys).

I love the use of the sink and the toilet! Made me smile! Also made me think of my mom.

Smart thing with the peppermint... mine has overtaken the garden spot. Such a sweet smelling invader.

Anonymous said...

the toilet in the backyard was for the garden

..oh dear

Just Jen said...

that is awesome! My dad has a toilet in his garden too. I think its adorable. I'm showing my hubby the box garden cuz thats what I want to do for next year :D

Anonymous said...

Love your garden... I have an old toilet that I also plan to use as a planter