The Dupont Circle Blues

After flying across the country, with an hour delay on the runway in Chicago, I arrived for another summer trip to Washington D.C.

I arrived in a bit of a heatwave here in the Nation's Capital. But I'm surviving. I arrived at my first hotel, the Hilton Embassy Suites, and checked in, and decided to figure out where I was, and where my other hotel is located that I am moving to on Sunday.

Here's the outside of the first hotel I was in on Saturday night. I headed out to find out how far it would be to get to the Washington Hilton Towers, the place I would be the rest of the week, and where my GEAR UP conference is being held.

It was only a couple blocks from Dupont Circle.

Dupont Circle is a cool, (as in hip) area, like a small city park. There is a fountain in the middle, and grassy areas with benches, and tables set up where men are playing chess. It was a cool (as in lower temperatures) place to sit on a warm Saturday evening. The hub threw me off a bit as I tried to navigate my way around the circle, but I eventually figured it out, and walked up the correct Connecticut Ave., and found the other hotel.

Then I came back to Dupont Circle, and sat and did some people watching.

The trouble was, Saturday was my 22nd wedding anniversary, and all I saw walking by were couples. There were young couples, old couples, gay couples, lesbian couples....couples, couples everywhere, and I, unfortunately, was not a couple that evening because my honey was back home in Kellogg. It really made my miss PKR. I so wish he could have been there with me, watching the people there in Dupont Circle.

Instead, it was just me, writing some lyrics to a new song...."The Dupont Circle Blues."


Inland Empire Girl said...

DuPont Circle reminds me of that part from "American President" when Sydney Wade ( Annette Benning) comes in all flushed and radiant, but late and again voices her frustration over the DuPont Circle traffic.

Nita Jo said...

"The Dupont Circle Blues"... sounds like a hit "heartbreaker" to me. Happy Anniversary... I hope you either got to celebrate early, or have something special planned for when you fly back home. Hugs to you, dear friend!