Sibling Photo Assignment 2016.2: Joyful Patriotism #3Siblings

Sibling Photo Assignment #2 
"There is nothing more useless than a sharp photograph of a fuzzy concept." Ansel Adams
Pick a particular mood or feeling (cheerfulness, sadness, anger, nostalgia, mystery, suspense, starkness, tranquility, etc. ) and take a series of photos to illustrate that mood or feeling.
Today my daughter Cosette and I attended Kellogg's Fourth of July parade, and I captured some images of "Joyful Patriotism".
 Here is Emily waving from the Silver Mountain float.
Uncle Sam on the Good Samaritan float.

Throwing candy.

Another Uncle Sam.

Tumbling tumblers.

Cosette said she received more candy in today's parade than she ever did as little kid.

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