Sibling Assignment 2015.15: My Most Memorable Day in July

Well, we are back to writing another sibling assignment, since it took me a while to write my last one.

This week, brother Bill gave us this assignment:

I think we'd all agree that July, 2015 was a most eventful month for all three of us. 

Choose one day out of this memorable month and focus on it and what happened. Write about why it stands out to you as especially noteworthy. 

I had a lot of memorable days in July, but I will have to go with my 29th anniversary, July 19, 2015, because that is the day Paul, Coco and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Here is Paul and I before we head across.

Paul and Cosette.

Cosette and I

The view before we head across.  Everyone kept warning us about how foggy it can get, and often you can't see the bridge.  That was not the case on this trip.

Getting ready to walk across.

A view of San Francisco from the bridge.

Paul making sure the cables are strong and secure.  I think they passed inspection.

Here we are, the two love birds, walking hand in hand across the bridge as we celebrate 29 years of marriage.

Looking up at one of the main towers.

Father/Daughter Photo with San Francisco in the background.

Me and my honey.

A view of the bridge from the other side.

The walk across was about a mile and a half one way.

View of the city.

Heading back over to where we started.

A constant flow of traffic on the bridge.

Woo Hoo!!  We made it!!

Golden Gate selfie!!
Walking across one of the most recognizable bridges in the world was something.  We had our first glimpse of the bridge two nights before, and it almost looked fake.  This was our first glimpse

First glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge.

And of course, the whole time we were there, the Tony Bennett hit, "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" kept going through my head.  But the nice thing was, I didn't leave my heart there.  It came with me and walked beside me every step of the way as we rode the "little cable cars that climb halfway to the starts", and felt the "morning fog chill the air, and didn't care".  I also enjoyed the "blue and windy sea" and her "golden sun shone for me" right along side the man who holds my heart.

Not really caring that the morning fog is chilling the air.
The blue and windy sea.

Getting to ride the cable car right up to the stars.

The golden sun shining (and setting) for me.
It was a magical trip, and a magical anniversary.
We spent the morning at the apartment we rented in the Richmond District.

Then we moved into the Hilton Hotel near Union Square to spend the rest of our time in San Francisco.
Then it was off to have some Chinese Food for our Anniversary Dinner.

Happy Anniversary to us!!

Coco was the best travel companion.  We had a lot of fun!!!  And she even ate Chinese food!!

The bill came written in Chinese.

Our fortunes.

Learning Chinese and getting our lucky numbers!!


So yes, quite a memorable day in San Francisco for our 29th anniversary.  I wonder where we might be as we celebrate number 30 next year?
And here is one of the most classy entertainers around, singing that song he is famous for...."I Left My Heart In San Francisco".

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