Sibling Assignment 2015.7: Capturing Moments #3Siblings

This week Christy gave us our Sibling Assignment for the week:

 " Write how photography has enriched your life".

Here is where my sister wrote about photography here, and my brother's post will be here.

As I look back through my life, I think photography has enriched my life by capturing moments in time that help preserve not only my history, but the history of what is going on around me.

It also helps me remember things I have done in my life.  People I have met.  Places I have visited.

I love looking at the first photograph ever taken of me.  I was five months old.  It was once explained to me that a photograph was not taken at an earlier age, because I almost died of pneumonia soon after I was born.

First photograph of me when I was five months old, being held by Mom.

I has been a record of my garden from year to year.

Healthy looking beans.


It has helped me chronicle the years of my children's lives and of our family.
Molly, Coco, and Zoe

As a reporter for our local newspaper for a few years, it helped me preserve historical images of the Silver Valley.

For me, photography isn't so much a creative medium, but a medium where I catalog memories of things that have happened to me over my life.

Sadie and Paul, Christmas 2008.

I like looking at photographs from my childhood that show what kind of things I did, and how goofy I looked at times.

I love finding photographs that I don't remember seeing before, and trying to figure out when they were taken.

I love remembering my time at the University of Idaho, my summer in San Bernardino, California, my time living in Glendive, Montana and our daughter Molly's birth.

University of Idaho graduation, May 1985.

I love looking at photographs of our time living in Meridian, Idaho, and the births of our daughters Zoe and Cosette.  The looking at photographs of their various birthday parties they had filled with the many cousins who lived close.

I love looking back at photographs of living in our first Kellogg house up on McKinley, the house that no longer exists.  Thank goodness we have photographs of that time.

I love looking at photographs of my dad with me, with my siblings, with my mom, and with my daughters.  Dad is longer here, either.  In June he will have been gone 19 years.  But the photographs help keep the memories alive.

Grandma Woolum and I.

Mrs. Price and I.  Mrs. Price came into our home and took care of me the first three years of my life.

Mom and Dad...aren't they cute?

I love looking at my wedding photographs.

I love looking at photographs of all the many pets we have owned.
Our Keeshond Peaches.

I love looking at photographs from different places we have visited, such as Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland.

Washington D.C.  This is from my second of three visits to our nation's capital.

I love looking at photographs taken at the Oregon Coast, Yellowstone Park, various places in Montana, Grand Coulee Dam, camping trips, visits to Christy and Everett's house.
Oregon Coast

I love looking at past Christmas photographs.  Some of this helps me remember the country we cooked food from.  Some of the photographs helps we remember warm, happy holiday moments.
Christmas 2008---Africa

This reminds me of the Kodak commercial from the late '70's that used the Paul Anka song "The Times of Your Life".

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Cedar Street Kid said...

Photographs capture our personal and family history. We can look back and laugh, cry, and sometimes do both at the same time.