1/25/2015 Blessing: Blue Bloods

After I finished watching the two seasons of "Bones" on Netflix I hadn't seen yet, I wanted to find another series to watch.

I remember seeing the previews for the show "Blue Bloods" on some of the tapes Mom sent over in the past, and thought I would check it out.

I have fallen in love with this show.  It is about a family that lives in New York City.  Tom Selleck plays the Police Commissioner whose father was also the P.C., and a son who is a detective for the NYPD, and another son you just joined the force after decided he didn't want to be a lawyer after attending Harvard Law School.  His daughter works for the District Attorney.  And there was another brother who died in the line of duty.

It is a wonderful family dynamic, and I love the story lines each week.  It has turned out to be a great show!!  I am blessed by some good tv entertainment.

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