Sibling Assignment 149: A Collection of Pottery

I'm getting caught up on my sibling assignments.  This sibling assignment was given to us by IEG, and the assignment was this:

"Create A Collection".  Choose something that is easily accessible: soup bowls, cell phones, sofas, chairs, vases... whatever.Create a series of photographs on the collection all photographed the same way. Put the together into a collage or a frame together. Write about the experience.

I took some of the pottery items I have collected over the years and photographed them, and put them in a collage.  Some I have bought.  Some have been gifts.  I started this collection the first year I lived in Montana.  I found a vase at a county fair, and loved it, and decided to start my own collection.  Unfortunately one year, while living in Meridian, the shelf my pottery was on fell to the ground, and I lost some of my pieces.  But they are still in a box in the basement....with the hopes of being made into a mosaic creation. 

I love pottery.  It is such a solid, earthy art medium.  I have always wanted to learn how to do my own pottery pieces.  Some day...some day.  But for now, I get to enjoy and use pieces others have created.


Cedar Street Kid said...

SVG, isn't it great that even the broken pottery can still be remade into a new piece even more beautiful.

" He made something, beautiful, out of my life"

Go Figure said...

SVG: WOW...WOW what a great photo of the flowers! You really challenging IEG's expertise.