Traveling Moon Pass from Wallace to Avery

Since PKR and I have been immersed in the 1910 fire commemoration in one way or another this summer, I have wanted to drive to Avery over Moon Pass.  This week I got my wish.

On Tuesday, we didn't have anything planned during the day, so I suggested to Paul we drive to Avery.  He was up to it, so off we went.

I was awestruck by the beauty of the drive, and also the surprises in store that I didn't know existed.  Here are some pictures of our trip.

The Post Office and Museum in Avery.
The Milwaukee Road train car in Avery.
Inside the train car.
Who knew you drove inside of train tunnels on the road from Wallace to Avery.
Here is another.
And another.
This one was a little longer.
You see the bottom of the start of the Hiawatha Bike Trail on your way.
The Beautiful North Fork of the St. Joe River.
Burned snags from the 1910  fire.
Snags along the water.
Look at the burned and charred inside of this snag.
The snags have a beauty of their own.
Beautiful water.
Another snag.
On top of the pass.  Breathtakingly beautiful.
One more shot from up on top.


Go Figure said...

SVG: Great Photos Thanks for posting them. I have not been over to Avery this year yet and the photos got me thinking. You should try the drive up river from Avery, over, the mountain and into Montana. It is beautiful as well and the road is very good too.

Cedar Street Kid said...

One of the most beautiful places on the face of the Earth

Steve Scalph said...

Just made the trip from Avery to Wallace again today. Thank you for posting the wonderful photos of the tunnels and old charred Cedar timbers that are 105 years old.

Mel Schmidt said...

I lived in north Idaho for many many years. I grew up in CDA and lived on near abouts the Rose Lake Jct over at Fern Creek. Wow amazing on what you find!