Schools Out For Summer!!!

School is out for the year, and I'm so glad.  Z2 is going to be a junior next year, and was elected Junior Class president.

Kiki Aru completed 8th grade at KMS, and now will be a freshman at Kellogg High School. 

I head off to KHS myself.  I will no longer work at KMS, and will be at KHS all the time now.  So PKR, Z2, Kiki Aru and myself will all be at KHS next  year. 

Soon PKR and I will be immersing ourselves in the history of the 1910 fire.  We are involved in many projects this summer helping to tell the story of the very prominent event in Silver Valley history.  We are going to be doing some historical tours in Wallace, directing a melodrama, and writing and performing an historical production called "Voice of the Big Burn".  We are also going to work with some kids on some street theater stuff.  I'm really looking forward to this summer.

If you are in the Wallace area, come and see a show.  More information can be found at www.sixthstreetmelodrama.com.

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