Bless Be The Ties That Bind...Our Hearts in Christian Love

 After meeting 27 years ago, we grow more and more in love every day.

Well, I'm a little behind on my sibling assignments, so I hope to get caught up during this week of spring break.

Let us hearken back to February 14, Valentine's Day, when this assignment was due.

The assignment, which I assigned throughout the month of February, with the theme "Ties", is as follows:

"Write about the ties that bind you to your husband or wife."

PKR and I joke about the first two times we met. I didn't make much of an impression on him, because he didn't remember me until we met the third time...I guess third times a charm.

The one he remembers is me coming over to his parent's house to deliver his sister's high school graduation present. I had just finished my first year at the University of Idaho, and he was home from Western Montana College. His sister and I were friends.

It was first the ties of Christian love that brought us together. There was a group of young people that summer that hung out together, and did different activities all summer. Yes, I thought PKR was very attractive, but I thought he was way out of my league. After all, I remember him from being a freshman at Kellogg Junior High School as the senior who was the quarterback on the football team, one of the start basketball players, and a state track champion. Those kind of guys weren't interested in girls like me.

Summer culminated with a trip to Church Camp during the first week, of August. PKR was attending, as was most of the kids who we hung out with that summer. We arrived at camp, and one of the girls from Kellogg made a comment about PKR and I making a "good couple". I was genuinely surprised by this comment...again, he was way out of my league.

But I guess PKR had other plans. When I went to church camp, it was popular for the boys to ask the girls to the Thursday night Bonfire. Well, by Wednesday night, PKR asked me to go to the bonfire. I was quite pleased, and I guess that was our first date.

While at camp, our hearts were tied, first with Christian love, and then that focus also started changing beyond being "a brother and sister in Christ", so something a bit more romantic. When we returned to Kellogg after camp, we spent the night before I left for college walking around town, and talking alot. Then I returned to Moscow, and, later, he returned to Dillon.

We started dating in August of 1982. Between that time, and July 1986, when we got married, we were only in the same town about 18 months of those four years...so it was letter writing that tied us together at that point. And I think it helped us get to know one another on a different level...especially because we both like to write.

Marriage wasn't something I took lightly at all. I wanted to make sure that PKR was the man I was suppose to marry, and that I had not doubt whatsoever he was the man for me. During the summer of 1984 I moved to San Bernardino, California and worked at the International Headquarters for Campus Crusade for Christ. The question I wanted answered that summer was this..."Is PKR the man I am suppose to marry?"

By the end of the summer, after much prayer, the answer was yes. If PKR asked me to marry him, I knew without any reservations, that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

During the spring of 1984, PKR told my best friend CE that he was going to ask me to marry him, and that he wanted her help. But God knew I needed some time over the summer to have peace about the decision.

On December 10, 1984, PKR asked me to marry him in front of a room full of sorority sisters at the TriDelt house at U of I. By then, I could with confidence say, "Of Course!!"

Once that decision was made, and I committed myself to PKR, and he to me, that is what has kept us tied together. Because we knew if was right, because we are committed (as he puts it, divorce is not a word we use), we are forever tied to one another, through the good times and the bad. And, for us, it was that time of deliberate seeking after God to give us the answer and patiently waiting for Him to say, "Yes", this is the one for you.

And since that time, I have never regretted my decision.


Go Figure said...

SVG: PKR was always a "little slow" on the uptake. HAAAA! I had to "explain things" to him time and time again, usually far more times than 3, and ususally with increasingly louder and louder messages.... HA! However, once he "got the message" he understood and acted accordingly. Thus your great marriage.

MarmiteToasty said...

Great photo..... you are so blessed to of shared so much of your life together.... just think when you grow old, you will be able to say.....'do you remember when'.... many will never have that to share....