Still Delicious After All These Years

Seven years ago I ate the most delicious food that had ever passed over my palate.

Today, I ate the same food, and it did not disappoint.

This epicurean delight is fresh crab on the Oregon Coast.

There is something about getting fresh crab freshly caught out of the ocean, taking it home, boiling a pot of salt water on the stove, and adding the crab to cook it for about 15 minutes.

Then you pick the tender white crab meat from the shell, dip in butter, or not, and eat.

Words cannot describe the taste sensation I experience when eating fresh crab.

I was a bit worried. You know how time can play tricks on you, and you really think something was really, really good, but, as time goes by, the memory is better than the actual event.

I am so thankful it wasn't the case with the fresh crab.

It was delicious seven years ago.....and it was delicious again today. Yum!! Yum!!

Here we are enjoying our yummy crab feast.
Doesn't that look GOOD!!!
We also purchased some clams and steamed them to add to our yummy seafood supper.

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Katrina said...

My mouth is watering just reading this post!