She's The Greatest Star

If you could act in the movies like anyone, who would it be and why?

That is this week's sibling assignment posed to us by Raymond Pert, who answers the questions here, and Inland Empire Girl answers the question here.

I would have to pick Barbra Streisand.

Growing up, I have always wanted to sing like Barbra. But I have always enjoyed her as an actress as well. I loved that she started out on the stage, creating the role of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on the stage before it was made into a movie for the big screen.

I like that she is very versatile, and does more than just act in movies. She sings. She writes. She directs. She produces. She writes songs.

All the things I like to do or hope to do someday.

Of all her songs, I have probably enjoyed "I'm The Greatest Star" the most.

When I was a senior in high school, I sang it in the Miss Kellogg pageant. I got second runner up.

While a student at the University of Idaho, I sang it in the U of I talent show my junior year, and got second place. (This was also the night PKR turned to my best friend CE and told her he was going to ask me to marry him.)

I may try and work this song into this summer Kelly's Alley Revue at the Sixth Street Melodrama.

Other songs from Barbara's movies have been a part of my life. My friend TC and I sang one of the songs from her movie "A Star Is Born", called "I Want Everything" during our freshman talent show at Kellogg Junior High School.

As a sophomore, I sang another song from the same movie "Watch Closely Now" at another program at Kellogg High School.

Listening to songs from the "Yentl" soundtrack reminds me of rooming with a particular sister at the Tridelt house who played it over and over, which didn't bother me in the least.

She did comedy quite well. She did musicals. She was a serious actress. She took chances in directing, writing, producing, even when she got flack.

She is probably one of the most popular entertainers in the world.

I like her, because she can laugh at herself. I like her because one night she surprised Mike Myers, Madonna and Rosanne Barr on Saturday Night Live during "Coffee Talk with Linda Richman" and had fun and laughed at herself.
And the Barbra Streisand tradition continues with my daughter. This weekend, The Princess will be singing "Don't Rain On My Parade" for her senior voice recital.


Cedar Street Kid said...

SVG-thanks for the tribute to Barbara. She was and is my favorite female vocalist of all time. When I was younger I used to turn up the stereo as loud as possible, slap on the earphones, and live in pure bliss as I listened to her songs on LP's.Nothing was better, and there is only one Barbara.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love "Babs" also. This was a very nice tribute.