Images and Thoughts on Washington D.C.

This week's Sibling Assignment was given by Raymond Pert. Our assignment was as follows:

I've attached a sound file of a composition of Tim O'Reilly's. Download it. Then go to Windows Movie Maker and make a slide show of pictures you have taken or scanned, using Tim's composition as the soundtrack. Then, upload your slide show to YouTube. If you need to open a YouTube account, do that.

I made the video and uploaded it to YouTube, but I can't figure out the whole embedding code thing, so you can find my video on YouTube here, or watch it from the Blogger video feature above.

Inland Empire Girl's video on Road Trips Through North Idaho is found here, and Raymond Pert's video Sculpture's at Lane Community College is here.

My video uses photos I took on my trip to the Nation's Capital last summer, and uses quotes to convey some of my thoughts I took away from the trip. Enjoy!


Go Figure said...

SVG, that was an excellant photo journey through D.C.

Anonymous said...

Silver Valley Girl: As I told Raymond, you guys are amazing. I can't believe you were able to apply video to audio like this. Perhaps folks should write movies around the music? The clip was a slice, with unedited beginning and end-I would be glad to clean up the "fit" if you'd like. Thanks so much!
Tim O'Reilly

Carol Woolum Roberts said...

Thank you Tim. This was really fun. A very interesting exercise. It was interesting listening to the music and seeing what images came to mind from my photographs.

Christy Woolum said...

I am amazed at the three paths we took with this assignment. Your quotes and photos seemed to match the music so well. You really have a nice collection of photos from the trip.