Monday Meditation--God is Love....Listen to His Words of Love

 This Monday Meditation is focusing on listening to the words God shares with us about how much He loves us.

We hope you enjoy this first meditation in our month of focusing on God is Love.

Take some time to listen to God's Word and meditate on how much He loves you.


Monday Meditation--The Creation of Rest

 This Monday's meditation is on the Creation of Rest...the Sabbath.

We hope you take time today to think about what we have learned this past month about Creation and meditate on the awe and wonder of creation, and think about what amazed you this month.  

What did you learn?


Monday Meditation--Thoughts on Creating the Creatures

This Monday's meditation is the Creating of the Creatures---Day 5 and 6.

We hope you take time to meditate today on the awe and wonder of God's Creation.


Monday Meditation--Thoughts on the Creating of Day and Night

 Here are our thoughts on the creation of Day and Night....Days Three and Four.

We hope our thoughts get you thinking, too.


Monday Meditation--Thoughts on the Beauty of God's Creation

This Monday's Meditation is on Creation, and the Creator creating the first two days. 

We hope our thoughts get you thinking, too.


Monday Meditation December 28 2020

 We bring you our first Monday Meditation as we reflect on the advent season.

December 25 Advent Meditation

 The advent meditation for Christmas Day.


December 24 Advent Meditation

 Our Christmas Eve Advent Meditation.


December 23 Advent Meditation

 Today is our Christmas Eve advent meditation.